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Bamboo Precision Scale


Sustainable bamboo makes a natural platform for this scale. Displaying results on a bright LED read-out, the scale converts between pounds and grams and allows you to weigh your beans.

Bodum® Chambord 51 Ounce French Press


An original, dome-topped Bodum French press coffee maker with contemporary flair. The plunger-style brewing method results in fresh French press coffee revered for its rich, full-bodied character.

Chemex® 8-Cup Pour-Over Wood Collar Glass Coffee Maker


Our favorite method of brewing coffee, the Chemex coffeemaker is an elegant, one-piece vessel made of high quality, heat-resistant glass. This simple, reliable method of making coffee yields a full-flavored, clean-tasting brew using Chemex filters.

Chemex® Pre-Folded Bonded Coffee Filter Squares (100pc)


Designed for a full-flavored, clean-tasting brew, these durable, oxygen-cleansed paper coffee filters are up to 30% thicker than other filters on the market. Their top-quality construction allows only the purest flavor elements to flow through, keeping bitter sediment, oils and coffee grounds out of your cup.

Colombia ANEI Certified Organic


Tasting Notes:  Crisp | Caramel | Satsuma mandarin ABOUT THE ORIGIN Along with the Colombian Department of Social Prosperity and Municipal Mayors, ANEI has set the goal of making a change toward ecological agriculture in all the municipalities of Cesar, Guajira and Magdalena departments, especially focusing on the coffee-growing field. As of 2016, ANEI had 112 women coffee-growing members, supported 33...

Cuisinart ® Supreme Grind ™ Automatic Burr Mill


This appealingly industrial stainless steel burr mill grinds every batch of beans perfectly. thanks to two simple controls. Select the number of cups of coffee with the slider bar, then twist the grind-selector to your preferred level of coarseness or fineness. Once your parameters are set, press the power bar; grinding will stop automatically when the correct quantity of beans...

Decaf Blend Certified Organic


Tasting Notes: Candied Sugar ABOUT THE ORIGIN This blend utilizes Organic Decaf Komodo and Organic Decaf Peru, both decaffeinated with a natural water process. A smooth, mild brew with brightness and depth.

Espresso Blend Certified Organic


Tasting Notes: Almond | Orange | Cocoa ABOUT THE ORIGIN Started with a base of Organic Brazil (Fazenda) added with Organic Ethiopia (Shantewene) and Organic Indonesia (Flores) to achieve proper bitterness, sweetness, and complexity in this bold espresso.

Ethiopia Shantewene Certified Organic


Tasting Notes:  Strawberry Rhubarb Pie ABOUT THE ORIGIN This crop is from Daye Bensa and the Shantawene farm, who placed 7th (from more than 1,400 entries) in the 2020 Cup of Excellence in Ethiopia! In 2006, brothers Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo founded Daye Bensa, a coffee grower and exporter in Ethiopia. Daye Bensa exports beans from its farm, in the Shantawene Village,...

Fellow Atmos 1.2-Liter Matte Black Stainless Steel Vacuum Canister


Keep coffee beans—and more—perfectly fresh with this clever canister. Pleasing curves in matte black stainless steel conceal several mechanisms that ensure freshness. An airtight silicone seal keeps out odors, moisture and other impurities that might affect the flavor of coffee. With just a few twists of the lid, an integrated vacuum pump removes air to prevent oxidation. An understated indicator...

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