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Mexico Chiapas Certified Organic


Tasting Notes: Chocolate | Caramel | Malt ABOUT THE ORIGIN In 1999, a group of farmers in the municipality of Motozintla de Mendoza, in Chiapas, Mexico, began working together, and in 2000 they officially formed the Movimiento Campesiono de Delisario SPR de R.L. cooperative — or more simply, MOCABE. They founded MOCABE as a Social Solidarity Society (SSS), a legal distinction, making...

Decaf Blend Certified Organic


Tasting Notes: Candied Sugar ABOUT THE ORIGIN This blend utilizes Organic Decaf Komodo and Organic Decaf Peru, both decaffeinated with a natural water process. A smooth, mild brew with brightness and depth.

Signature Blend Certified Organic


Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate | Toasted Almonds | Caramel ABOUT THE ORIGIN This blend of Organic Mexico, Organic Timor, and Organic Ethiopia Sidamo is good for any time of the day.

Colombia ANEI Certified Organic


Tasting Notes:  Crisp | Caramel | Satsuma mandarin ABOUT THE ORIGIN Along with the Colombian Department of Social Prosperity and Municipal Mayors, ANEI has set the goal of making a change toward ecological agriculture in all the municipalities of Cesar, Guajira and Magdalena departments, especially focusing on the coffee-growing field. As of 2016, ANEI had 112 women coffee-growing members, supported 33...

Ethiopia Shantewene Certified Organic


Tasting Notes:  Strawberry Rhubarb Pie ABOUT THE ORIGIN This crop is from Daye Bensa and the Shantawene farm, who placed 7th (from more than 1,400 entries) in the 2020 Cup of Excellence in Ethiopia! In 2006, brothers Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo founded Daye Bensa, a coffee grower and exporter in Ethiopia. Daye Bensa exports beans from its farm, in the Shantawene Village,...

Kenya Embu Gicherori Certified Organic


Tasting Notes: Sweet Zucchini | Lemon | Zings  ABOUT THE ORIGIN Gicherori Factory is part of the Kibugu Farmer’s Cooperative Society. The area surrounding Gicherori area is densely populated, so every effort is made to minimize impact.  After picking, the members deliver the fresh coffee berries to the mill, where they are depulped (the fruit skin and pulp is removed mechanically),...

Espresso Blend Certified Organic


Tasting Notes: Almond | Orange | Cocoa ABOUT THE ORIGIN Started with a base of Organic Brazil (Fazenda) added with Organic Ethiopia (Shantewene) and Organic Indonesia (Flores) to achieve proper bitterness, sweetness, and complexity in this bold espresso.